Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vietnam in 2016


2016 is your year to visit Vietnam. There have been many improvements in the past years allowing it for travellers to travel more conveniently in the country. At the same time, Vietnam managed to stay just as authentic as it used to be, giving you the full experience. See for yourself, Why You Should Visit Vietnam in 2016.

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2016 is your year to visit Vietnam.
2016 is your year to visit Vietnam.

1. Improved infrastructure

Due to the country’s economical growth in the past years, the infrastructure is constantly improving, allowing an easier access to remote areas. The newly build highways from Hanoi to Sapa and to Mai Chau will save you much travel time and in return, give you more time to connect with the locals at the destination.

2. Authenticity

We have all seen or heard of overcrowded destinations, where one resort comes right after the next. Luckily, Vietnam is a country that can still give you an authentic experience as you can find many remote areas, which are off the beaten track and less travelled by tourists, such as the Pu Luong national reserve, the Ha Giang area, Kon Tum and Ben Tre. You name it. Read our other blogposts for more inspiration.

Whilst some floating markets in Thailand are now focussing on tourism instead of local trading pattern. If you want to avoid tourist hotspots and see the last authentic small floating markets, visit the Mekong Delta as soon as you can since the trade is shifting to a land-based market.

If that isn’t enough, think of the numerous authentic shows you can see in Vietnam (and I’m not talking about the water puppet show). Recently, there have been some great efforts made to preserve other traditional genres which are under the threat of being lost. We recently posted about the traditional CaTru music show, but there is way more than that; the Cheo and Cai Luong traditional music show are definitely worth a visit.

3. You will help the locals

You will help the locals
You will help the locals

Next to homestays giving you a very authentic experience, they do also help the local communities making it an ultimate win-win situation. Vietnamese homestays increased significantly in the past years proving a successful potential. Moreover, the Vietnamese are very interested in other cultures, so you will get the chance to actually meet and talk to the locals, when staying at their house.

4. Loosened Visa regulations

Not only did the Vietnamese government launched the rule of a visa free entrance for many European countries such as the U.K., Germany and Italy, it also cut its visa fees down to 25 USD for a one month single entry visa. Some regulations however (such as the visa free entrance), are for now limited until the 30th of June 2016. Let’s hope that these regulations will stay or loosened even more.

5. Higher English speaking skills

Next to having a growing economy, the Vietnamese understand the importance of English skills. The English proficiency index ranked Vietnam fifth as the best English speaking countries in Asia. With a result of 53,81%, Vietnam tops other popular South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia or Cambodia.