Aquaculture in Halong Bay

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

With its favorable conditions in terms of geology, climate and hydrography, Halong Bay has enormous marine resources. It is home of various kinds of high valuable sea-foods, such as garrupa, mackerel, threadfin, squid, prawn, crab, sea cucumber, and abalone…

Halong's Culture
Halong’s Culture

Seafood exploitation has become fishermen’s earning living methods generation by generation. In addition, ideal conditions of rich nutritious water resource, calm sea, and large tidal flats facilitate the development of new livelihood – aquaculture on the Bay. Especially, it is appropriate for raising some kinds of seafood that is not only valuable in terms of economy but also environmental friendly, for example: snout otter clam, pearl shells, green mussel, ark shells, corrugate lucine…