Every late Autumn, when sunbeams gently light up trees, turning them yellow, and light cold front approaches in the north, the ruoi (seaworm) season begins, as it has done for a thousand years.

Bánh tét is a Vietnamese savoury but sometimes sweetened cake made primarily from glutinous rice, which is rolled in a banana leaf into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape, with a mung bean or mung bean and pork filling, then boiled. After cooking, the banana leaf is removed and the cake is sliced into wheel-shaped servings.

Any gourmet worth his salt knows that side-dishes are crucial value additions to most meals, and some of them are so tasty that they are as important, if not more so, than the main dish.

Tam Dao specialty - famous local dishes that you should try when doing your visit to Tam Dao mountains. Long time as a tourist destinations for locals, Tam Dao is famous not only for its places of interest but also for its local foods that you can try when doing a trip to Tam Dao. Here are some famous dishes that you should enjoy in your Tam Dao Tour.

Vietnamese lotus tea is a type of green tea that already absorbed the scent of lotus. Lotus is a type of flower that grows in a lake, and it symbolizes beauty, purity, and good fortune in Vietnam.

Chefs in Vu Dai have to co-operate with artisans from Nghe An, Thanh Hoa and Nam Dinh to get clay pots and its covers, Dat, said, adding that even if there was small thing lacking in the accessories, the fish pot would not have the specific fragrance and flavour that made it famous.

Favored by the Mother Nature as an unbelievably beautiful coastal province, Halong is famous for its variety of fresh and delicious seafood specialties such as crabs, prawns, and snails (ốc).

Ngán is a mollusk species which is popular in the Northern Vietnam coastal area. Although it can be seen along the coast of the country, Quang Ninh Province, Halong City is where this seafood gets its fame.

Jellyfish salad, a popular dish in some areas of Asia, may be prepared using cold marinated jellyfish that is thinly sliced. Some Asian airlines serve jellyfish salad as a part of their airline meal fare.

The most common insects used as food in Vietnam are grasshoppers and silkworm pupae.